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More than 20 pieces of cultural relics This "return"

Date: 2015-02-26

Ring show temple in the design of stone, Yang's compound of carve patterns or designs on woodwork shek kwu... This morning, fangshan district Wen Wei reported recently uncovered three cultural relics theft cases, more than 20 pieces of cultural relics "return", these cultural relics dating back to the earliest song liao period.
To better protect cultural relics, fangshan district Wen Wei is establishing database of cultural relics. In addition, fangshan district has formed a cultural relic management assistant team, composed of more than 300 people for patrol inspection of cultural relics protection unit.
More than 20 pieces Today formally
This morning, fangshan district, to crack down on the crime of stealing cultural relics action file transfer meeting officially handed over to the cultural relics cultural relics management department of the ministry of public security. At the meeting, the public security and cultural relics management department on the three cultural relics well recent theft case. It is understood that this batch of cultural relics were recovered dates back to the song liao period, a total of more than 20 pieces.
According to fangshan district Wen Wei stolen cultural relics in the three cases, including the district bump unit ring show temple design stone, a pair of carve patterns or designs on woodwork shek kwu Yang's compound, and governor but so do dungans Huang Tinggui tomb epitaph. The temple design stone ring show theft criminal suspects have been arrested, the case has entered the court proceedings.
Yang's compound of carve patterns or designs on woodwork shek kwu theft criminal suspects have been detained by the police criminal, and seized the first Buddha, stele base, stone LaQian etc. A total of 21 pieces of stone cultural relic, and part of the cultural relics have been shipped to shanxi, relevant departments will conduct and actions across the province. It is understood that the yangs compound was built in the qing dynasty emperor qianlong years, four into the courtyard, 30 rooms, stone and become, have all kinds of stone carving of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, stolen the shek kwu most exquisite carve patterns or designs on woodwork, estimated value of 500000 yuan.
As for governor but so do dungans Huang Tinggui tomb epitaph, due to the theft molecules by local coordinator of cultural relics found in the act of stealing and alarm, eventually failed fled helter-skelter, field leave stealing tools. Police have important clues are interrogation of suspects. According to introducing, Huang Tinggui was born in 1690, died in 1690, for the Beijing fangshan district Zhang Fang town south Bai Dai village before the yellow natural villages, yongzheng years by company commanders promoted to prefect in sichuan.
Protection plan is built on the progress Establish a database of cultural relics
So far, fangshan district huangshan shop zhaogezhuang empress temple, dragon day view, running water village, phuket and 12 ancient building has been incorporated into the scope of protection of cultural relics. Cultural relics department has done to ancient respectively GPS positioning, measurement, taking pictures, registration, with cultural relics experts concluded that the historical s and analysis, and the related protection plan.
For those who are vulnerable to steal the stone tower building and portable outdoor cultural relics, cultural relics department has transfer to collect. Fangshan district is now establishing database of mobile and immobile cultural relics, the public security department in the future can be determined according to the database data controls key areas and key units.
Bright spot 300 volunteer flow into "sentry"
According to Wen Wei of fangshan district, the district has unmovable cultural relics 328, protect its China unit 9 place, city to protect unit 12, a portable 30000 pieces of cultural relics, cultural relics buried underground area 7, s covers from paleolithic to the republic of China, constitute the continuous generation of historical picture of the Chinese nation, is China's historical and cultural "miniature landscape" and "culture of the Great Wall", is a fenceless museum.
Since most are in the field of cultural relics, barren hills, give some criminals stealing cultural relics to develop. Therefore, fangshan district formed a volunteer team, composed of more than 300 people into the flow of "sentry".
It is understood that cultural relics management assistant at least twice a week to patrol inspection is responsible for the cultural relics protection units. For special circumstances, such as collapse, damaged, scarify disorderly stick, and without approval within the scope of cultural relics protection unit construction engineering behavior, which cause serious damage to the cultural relics management assistant Wen Wei report immediately to the area.
In bad weather such as strong winds, heavy rain, the coordinator should point to the protection of cultural relics under the conditions allow inspection, and report within 24 hours to do. It is understood that the three cases, which have been cultural relics management assistant "work". (source: the legal evening news reporter: Zhao Yingyan)