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More than 400 more than the "old" only

Date: 2015-01-26

"If the old brand assets only revel in history, the lack of consumer insight for the future and the new way to communicate with them, so it is easy to be replaced by emerging brand." Held yesterday in innovation peak BBS "" Chinese old traditions, former chief economist yao jingyuan said the national bureau of statistics.
The Chinese brand development report compiled by the ministry of commerce, according to the beginning of the founding of new China, China has more than 10000 "China time-honored brand"; To the original domestic department as finalists in 1990, the number has reduced to more than 1600; In 2006 the ministry of commerce to that, the number of the first group of finalists only 434 left.
Old brand assets accumulated for a long time, why is bad now? Yao jingyuan said, brand equity has both stock assets, namely the past history, also has the flow of assets, namely the creation. If only lying on the stock and decoration, it is easy to be emerging, flow strong brand new alternative. Therefore, in the development of the old, it is particularly important to innovation. "Today's enterprise innovation only that imitate many, some foreign business model to completely copied to the domestic enterprise, and not to study their consumers," that's not innovation.
On the BBS, wang ji, as the representative of the old, won the "world's oldest herbal tea brand" guinness book of world records. The guinness book of world records in China certification officer Lisa said, through strict audit, wang Lao ji's herbal teas selling recognized in 1828, has been 186 years of history, is the world's oldest brand of herbal tea. (source: Beijing evening news reporter: Yang Bin)