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Beijing's biggest tourist experience store operations in March next year

Date: 2014-12-24

New net of Beijing on December 24 (xinhua in vertical clouds) Beijing international travel service to build tourism new concept of the people's livelihood, invested heavily in Beijing core commercial circle near the Lufthansa, construction of the capital's largest tourist experience store, the store is expected to open in March 2015.
"Creating tourism experience store new concept, the people's livelihood experience store" launching ceremony held in Beijing today. The Beijing people's livelihood international travel agency chairman, Mr. Zhou said the livelihood of the people travel the input of the new experience store will set brand display and share functions in one, is more advantageous to enhance the awareness of consumer brand of travel agencies; Function pay more attention to the experience of tourism culture, and the service for tourist stores to conduct a comprehensive upgrade.
Mr. Zhou said that the new store opening of tourism experience not only in Beijing, the largest area of about 870 square meters, and experience the function is all ready, has a number of innovative, world famous city small train climbing experience, and the global tourism city of a travel service experience, etc.
Notable is, in experience store more than 100 square meters of recreation areas, for the children to play, to facilitate the parents at ease, tourism product detail information. At the same time, the people's livelihood tourism will also work with airlines, travel agency cooperation, put the seat on the plane and foreign famous attractions related elements introduced the store, let visitors have immersive feel.
In addition, unlike traditional travel agencies outlets, consultation of the livelihood of the people travel experience store location will adopt single mode, and is equipped with the disabled zone, LED viewing area, let a guest get comfortable with the whole quality services.
Lufthansa experience shop is just the beginning, Mr. Zhou said, the future livelihood of the people travel will also according to customer demand in Beijing city stores open more tourism experience, subverts the traditional travel agency services.
According to the planning, tourism marketing experience store will also be stationed in the capital of the people's livelihood more core business circle, in the east of Beijing, south, west and north four directions has been. The next 1 to 2 years time, will be in the city, sun yue city, tongzhou wanda plaza, jinyuan yansha, open a shop.
The personage inside course of study points out, the people's livelihood mass tourism develop experience stores in the business core, heralding the tourism products gradually into the core business environment, traditional travel agency stores change is accelerating. (after)