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The bird's nest on top of ice and snow sports in succession For "the games

Date: 2014-12-22

New net of Beijing on December 21 (xinhua Yin Li) 21, include global skier's "2014-2015 the international snow World Cup freestyle skiing aerial skill" in the national stadium (bird's nest) kick off again. Jing zhang are both united's bid to host the 2022 winter Olympics, as the winter Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies venues in planning, the bird's nest has served for the people in Beijing this winter snow "boiling" world veneer luge, freestyle skiing aerial skill the World Cup, the bird's nest joy season of snow and ice, and a series of wonderful snow activity dinner, lit up the whole city atmosphere, the ice and snow for bidding for the games.
On December 20 to 21, from Australia, belarus, Canada, Russia, Britain, the United States, China and other 9 countries about 50 international top athletes in the bird's nest, to show their "flew" freestyle skiing aerial skill, drew the audience applause and screams.
Comes at a time when Beijing officially by the international Olympic committee (ioc) as a winter this year candidate cities, in addition to host a number of world-class snow event, the bird's nest is around the ice and snow the bird's nest Dating games "the theme of building the sixth season of snow and ice, on January 10, 2015 after the formal operation. By then, nearly 70000 square meters of space will be set tower of skiing, skating, two winter, snow flying saucer amusement projects and so on more than 30, let visitors experience its one-stop.
It is understood that the event further upgrading the marking system, consulting services, tourist consumption credit system, perfect the scene emergency services. At the same time, the bird's nest will also joint one winter etc, integrating the lottery, mascot cruise, sports dance performances, launched more than its warm up and popularization activity. During the audience can participate in interactive games, the games are knowledge in the leisure time feel extra experience and happy.
According to the national stadium co., LTD. The assistant general manager li group is introduced, after the Beijing Olympic Games, the national stadium on open to the public throughout the year and carried out after the transformation, constantly build the nest new scenic spots; For football, track and field, equestrian, skiing and other major international sporting events; Introduce the concert series, concerts and other cultural performances; The development of special licensed products; Cultivating "happy season of ice and snow" and other independent brands project, realize the sustainable development of the bird's nest after the game.
Among them, the "bird's nest joy season of ice and snow" is by the independent international stadium planning of brand type mass cultural and sports activities, after five years of development, has now become a Beijing winter the most representative brand of sports culture. As the city's largest and most beautiful snow sports for all and fitness, "ice and snow season" has attracted more than 1 million domestic and overseas tourists to experience. (after)