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New Year's day is near Chinese citizens outbound tourism boom

Date: 2014-12-15

China news agency in Beijing on December 14 (xinhua in vertical clouds) with the approaching of the western Christmas and New Year's day in 2015, the Chinese citizens outbound tourism market heats up. The reporter understands 14 more than from travel agencies, short-distance travel market, Japan, Korea, Thailand will become the most popular destinations; Long distance travel destination, popular in the United States, part of the popular national tourist reservation rate above 50%.
Ctrip, according to data from mid to late November, booking Christmas travel tourist Numbers have gone up, especially the free line growth, Japan, South Korea free line up more than 50%.
Christmas is not a public holiday for Chinese citizens, but close distance between Christmas and New Year's day, some Chinese people choose to use annual leave at the end of the year to travel, spend from Christmas to New Year's day holiday abroad.
New Year's day is approaching, many travel agencies launch of the New Year blessing, swept by the end of goods, hot springs, soaked, skiing and other tourism products. Tourists travel travel network is through some quantity increased dramatically, including Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and other popular tourist route has ordered more than half.
Japan as one of the most popular with Chinese tourists destinations, tourists booking rate above 50%. To let Chinese tourists experience the unique exotic blessing "New Year", many travel agencies launch "the journey of the New Year blessing" project, in the evening of December 31, visitors to a shrine or temple, listen to ring the bell. In addition to Japanese ruined spa experience, visitors can enjoy the snow outside the door edge bubble hot spring.
Why did Japan popular swim? Analysis of the industry that the recent Japanese exchange rate is low, and have continued downward trend, plus since October, Japan to foreign visitors give more preferential tax policies to make many Chinese tourists to Japan as travel is one of the first choice of the end of the year.
Christmas exit right sweeps money, South Korea's biggest shopping festival is open, each big department stores, shopping centers, large supermarkets, such as famous brand discount store offers unprecedented. Have a travel agency launched a high cost performance "Seoul, South Korea, 4, and group Tours", except to visit Seoul landmark attractions also arrange free time, make it easy for visitors to enjoy free shopping experience.
Affected by visa policies encouraging news in the United States, some Chinese tourists, have the freedom to travel agency launched a batch of high cost performance products, destination covering west coasts, Guam, Hawaii, hot. For more tourism market share, many travel agencies also play price war. (after)