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Beijing wenbo novel ideas out of home and abroad

Date: 2014-12-11

China news agency Beijing dec 11 (xinhua had light Du Yan) APEC meeting banquet dinner porcelain, domestic large aircraft C919 simulation cockpit, 4 d effects the cinema... 11, 4 days, from the United States, Italy, Taiwan and mainland China more than 1800 cultural creative companies at Beijing wenbo, rendering text and industry in the field of new products, new technology, new ideas.
To "promote cultural innovation, to promote industrial convergence" as the theme of the ninth China Beijing international cultural creative industry expo 11 opened in Beijing. More than 11 to 14, the event will be.
11 reporters came to the exhibition site, see the APEC meetings held in Beijing in November feast ceramics tableware used by the audience. Gold, silver white porcelain bowls, with Beijing characteristics snacks snowballing usury, peas, yellow and so on, lets a person lick one's chaps. "Every have 30 pieces of China, 17 pieces of knives and forks, and seven pieces of glass", Beijing gift projects department project manager Sun Wei said, for the APEC meeting prepared more than 80 sets of golden color, more than 720 sets of silver cutlery, adopt traditional Chinese colored enamel skill, etc.
Sun Wei said the golden utensils will be used only for collection, silver tableware will gradually to the market, "a complete set of the original tableware is expected to be listed on the before and after the Spring Festival next year".
Cultural creative industry in provinces and cities area, can "drive" aircraft made the audience very excited. This is on display at the haidian district of Beijing China, simulating has yet to officially operating the C919 aircraft. Viewers can according to the screen prompts on the driver's position, refueling door, turn the steering column, flying a plane "soaring", also can experience how to let the plane landed safely in the blizzard or storm.
Beijing shijingshan audio-visual experience zone area. China HuaLu group 4 d effects cinemas will completely moved to wenbo, let the audience through the visual, auditory, and even smell and touch, such as special effects in the simulation environment, lifelike three-dimensional 3 d effect, let the audience experience "through time and space". According to the staff, the company has just launched the independent research and development of laser projection TV, blu-ray player, with ultra-high resolution, exquisite picture and visual impact feeling, in the home can enjoy theater effect.
"I'm Jeremy levin fair every year, hope to thick cultural atmosphere in Beijing", said more than 70 - year - old king, hundreds of meters long "miniature Beijing" as if her back to the street life of old Beijing in the last century. (after)