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Encourage the use of new energy vehicles Beijing new electric vehicles 150000 vehicles over the next three years

Date: 2014-11-26

New Beijing network November 26 (reporter in vertical clouds) in motor vehicle pollution control in Beijing, encourage the use of new energy vehicles, electric vehicles to promote application action plan, in 150000 a new incremental gradually increase the number of electric vehicles, respectively increased by 30000 over the next three years, 60000, 60000.
In today, 14 on the 15th meeting of the NPC standing committee and the Beijing municipal environmental protection bureau to do perform "Beijing regulations on the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution situation report revealed that the above information.
According to the analytical results show that the atmospheric pollutant source in Beijing motor vehicle emissions accounted for 31.1%, coal accounted for 22.4%, industrial production accounted for 18.1%, dust (14.3%), the other 14% comes from food, barbecue, mechanics, etc.
To reduce fixed pollution source emission, since 2000, Beijing has adjust the relocation shougang, coking plant, such as more than 400 heavily polluting companies, shut down all small cement, application field and clay brick factory, shut out of casting forging, building materials, chemical industry, etc. 375 companies.
Automobile exhaust is one of the sources of pollutants, since 2008, the implementation of the subsidy policy in Beijing, encouraging consists the car out and the old motor vehicle, as of the end of October this year, total elimination update car consists of 156000 and 1.31 million old old car.
To cut coal pollution, Beijing is to increase the use of clean energy, compared with 2000 in 2013, natural gas usage increased from 1 billion cubic meters to 10.5 billion cubic meters, in 2013, electric power, gas and other clean energy accounts for 77% of energy consumption.
Beijing will be before the end of 2015, according to the report, all the plants in the city to realize natural gas power generation, by 2016, reduce 9.2 million tons of coal.
In air pollution control, Beijing will take the lead in emissions of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides 15 times higher charge standard, and implement step, differential policies, promote enterprise actively emissions significantly. By the end of October, discharge collecting the amount of 187 million yuan, rose 6 times. Pollution charge economy "leverage" effect is obvious, in the first nine months, of the city's total of 501 polluters, 324 units of nox emissions of sulfur dioxide concentration control in the standard limit value is less than 50%.
Beijing also monitoring the environmental violations, as of the end of October, the city's environmental protection system file total illegal atmospheric environment act 1454, up 78.6% from a year earlier, a case for investigation number record highs. At the same time strengthen environmental violations, total fines of up to 33.0915 million yuan, up 259.1% from a year earlier, penalties record highs.
To improve air quality of Beijing as a significant improve people's livelihood projects, since 2000, successively measures for prevention of air pollution, air pollution control, air pollution control ordinance, increased pollution, law enforcement and supervision according to law, compared with 2000 in 2013, the annual concentration of so2, no2 and PM10 fell by 62.7%, 21.1% and 62.7% respectively. (after)