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The Royal Phoenix Hotel Beijing (Beijing Zuijia Xifang Fudi Fengcheng Jiudian) is situated close to the bustling Wangfujing Street,  one of Beijing's most popular shopping streets,  and grants guests convenient access to the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park.This Beijing hotel has a Continental style and offers various accommodations outfitted with safes,  mini bars and refrigerators among other amenities.    [View Detail]        

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  • pandongjing
    Also good
  • cslystt
    In the alley is not hard to find, hotel environment can also but the service was poor, argued met front desk and customer, customer is God, do not know? service at the front desk who still want to go, there are toilets, and fridge is not cold, in short, will not stay
  • ec720
    Towels old and special, when live the next day, no complementary toiletries, nor change the towel. in a little alley, a couple of laps before I found ... Others are good.
  • bgpjiangtian
    Lane, take the subway to go part of the way to ... the indifferent attitude of the staff, room was OK.
  • rubydu
    Environment and service attitude
  • Stacy1973
  • local123
    Yes, it is acceptable
  • Annylovev
    Is good, sanitation can be, is the alley to go way out, very noisy, very mixed, with children don't feel safe
  • connie1120
    Hotel is a bit empty of staff is relatively small, but the room is very big and comfortable, next to Dong SI goodies special
  • myjay
    Hotel is good, very convenient. is bathroom a little taste.
  • l1790165957
    Very good, next time I go to Beijing or is it
  • ababywolf
    Great naozhongqujing were Hutong from Dongsi got off wearing to a Hutong feel very fresh for me this stranger feel more experience old Beijing flavor of old Beijing walk to nanluoguxiang is also not far from the price is it reasonable back again very carefully trying new room there is no strange smell
  • a_ming_09
    Although the location is not good, but very very good
  • luisaluisa8866
    Hotel in a small alley, the alarm clock quiet, only about 10 minutes from the subway station, near the snack, breakfast, supermarket easier. generally speaking, Yes, next stay will choose this hotel.
  • GretaG
    Generally, the price is fine
  • laocco
    That's good
  • newdaynow
    Hotel is in alley in of, playing of may into not to of, because road is narrow, on both sides stopped full has car, driver fundamental can't in. but himself no also soon of. traffic also is convenient, hotel out left turn out roadside on has bus stop. original road words near also has Metro station, near words also is bus good, also can see roadside of landscape. away from Wangfujing and Tiananmen are not far, also has Lama Temple also near. hotel room also can, and around price than up also is affordable, hotel liveAre foreigners, it is estimated that more Chinese. Muslim restaurants are close, the taste is very good, disappointment near the Beijing hot pot, tastes bad, expensive, and has said that the group could use, don't care to eat.
  • lidu2010
    Location is good, room setting is also very good, check-in and check out quickly, service attitude is good, people very uncomfortable feeling, recommended hotels.
  • cepf2005
    Convenient location, the hotel new
  • papa2mama
    Nice hotel very clean, spent three days in a row, prices are very favorable, and quiet sleep not to noisy! very good
  • gdmary
    Very good.
  • bingo0727
    Too bad, find wine \ store a little dizzy, but the traffic is very convenient.
  • emmamama1248
    The aspects are is good, room big, decoration, health the aspects are is satisfaction, bath of hot especially sufficient, can wash of is time. hotel by at lots also is good, although in alley in to out of to to playing car, but out times taxi are also is is convenient of, outside road Shang has is more snack bar, slightly insufficient of at is WiFi cover not too good, phone Shang find not to I room of WiFi, basically is rub next door room of signal, some when find not toSignal, when Beijing stopped heating up, if a cold day, hotel no heating slightly, hope can be improved in the future. in General, recommended, especially the met promotion, price of the day, more than 300, was satisfied.
  • angle_ling66
    Hotels even have no SOAP to wash, service of the Hall they see, ask the subway to the airport, was about to take the cell phone she immediately said she didn't know the word, and not foreign. no wireless in the rooms, booking profile says, the next time you will ever live. clean Boyle to be quite good.
  • Norman6510
    The location of the hotel is really nice, hotel garden, the garden has three pools of different sizes, through the garden to the Sea Beach, a stay of children has been foaming sea, bubble pool, foam on the beach ... ...
  • lingbell
    Pretty good,
  • SSunnyGolf
    That's good
  • andyxu1858
    Room facilities, health is very clean, location is particularly convenient, is the hotel's services have failed to keep up.
  • lmtrees
    Good value for money, better than hanting, Jin Jiang likes more.
  • Lmour
    Estimate is the best hotel in this area, and point to the 32 praised?
  • iaping
    Line is a bit old
  • fansymi
    Worth recommending! good!
  • bonbondog
    So-so to Samsung, in a small alley, breakfast also good. service can! feel of the room was a bit old-because of the window a bit noisy in the morning because pet dogs have been called downstairs. relatively convenient location out. it has been two times in a row
  • e00914479
    Hotels in an alley, you can feel the Beijing Hutong culture, nice, very nice!
  • e00244369
    Except there is no WiFi, is quite good, also said he would send me the fruit didn't get ...
  • ivyjunc1206
    Very old, not even my wifi
  • yinyin1204
    Surprise, there's no wireless, saying the price is very low, as high-end hotels are not wireless, I'm speechless, clearly written introduction to wireless
  • anidou
    Economy benefits. nice!
  • beboy885
    Nice hotel, no WiFi now is said to be for a home, will have in the future. some distance away from the main roads, but also not far from basic naozhongqujing, satisfaction.
  • nationatown
    Oh well, location are satisfied, where easier
  • yuyu03
    Good transport is not convenient
  • fxj1234
    All right
  • Ting@trip
    It wasn't too bad
  • jiaoxy63
    Which is very nice
  • D_Fine
    Away from fifth,, sixth, Metro station probably five or six minutes walk, walk to Wangfujing half hours around. hotel rooms is not all room are has WiFi, must to ahead of front Taiwan said, I zhihou requirements for to has WiFi of room was various reason refused to. again is compared important, is room of noise bad, night next door room people walk of voice are can heard, sleep quality bad of people need carefully select.
  • jwd0575
    Hotel is quite new, the price is good, that service can't keep up, stay or in the cost of
  • Glory77
    Absolute City Centre, bad is to take a taxi
  • lindalau
    Good good
  • aitianluo
    Very good
  • doremiji
    All right